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    Within bitcoin gold profitability calc PAMM system InstaForex Company provides fully automated bitcoin gold profitability calc of the following operations: Investing; Investment refund on the first request of the investor; Update of PAMM account statistics; Calculation and timely recalculation of all shares and profits taken by investors and the managing trader.

    Example: A trader has USD 10, in his account.

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    All the shares are directly proportional to investments of all the PAMM account users managing trader and investors in the total balance of the account. The shares of other members will also change because of the newly invested funds, but will not diminish at recalculation.

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    The trader starts trading; 3 Then new investors come into the deal, and each of them invests different amounts from 1 to hundreds of thousands US dollars. Each investor gets the exact share that is due to him or her at the moment of investing; 4 Some investors decide to withdraw their investments fixing their profits; 5 Other investors continue keeping their shares in the trading account; 6 The trader withdraws some part of his or her funds.

    All operations mentioned above are processed automatically by the company.

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    At any time the investor may request withdrawal of the investment from the PAMM account together with the profit. A part of the profit is paid to the trader as a commission after the investment withdrawal is processed. The commission is set by the managing trader in the PAMM account settings and is available to all potential investors.

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