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Like the app having trouble connecting with any bank. The foundation of the app is one of the best I have found in expenses tracking and budgeting.

The online platform currently gives you bitcoin ma tradingview overall view of everything.

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If your looking for a place to have accountability this is the best app out there by far. Notes for developers: Could users have a place to recommend improvements or ideas for future updates?

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Love the app. Fejlesztői visszajelzésHi, thank you a lot for your review and suggestions!

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We appreciate your feedback. Also thanks for your fresh ideas, it's been noted and added to our wishlist!

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Spent a couple hours customizing this app when I first downloaded so different expenses would be categorized the way I want them. Which means I have to recategorize every expense.

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Kind of pointless. Would take less time to manually enter every transaction to an excel spreadsheet than manually changing every category. Thanks for wasting my time, Spendee!!!

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Initial review: Spent a couple hours setting up my account. A few specifics: —took some time to figure out how to use.

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No clear instructions I could find. Could be there but hidden.

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Otherwise it does what I need, which is record expenses so I can look back month to month and see where my money is going. Fejlesztői visszajelzésThank you for your review!

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We're sorry that you have been experiencing this issue. Could you please email us at hello spendee. With this last update, the functionalities are there but the user interface is not user friendly. Before, each transaction added, the budget and hire much is left is clearly shown on top so you can easily track your spending.

Now the monthly budget and more importantly the amount of the budget remaining is hidden and you have to click on another screen to see it.

This might seem trivial but the point of having a budget app is to teach how much you spend and hopefully stay within zöld cím bitcoin wallet review.

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So why hide the budget remaining? Hoping this can be revised So annoyed that I might switch to another budget app. Shared wallets.

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