OpenWrt TP-Link 741ND 841ND 1043ND by punk17

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Setup DDNS/DynDNS in OpenWrt

My provider gives to my router some openwrt bitcoin IP which is changes sometimes: maybe about once per week. That is fine for me but I have to change it manually.

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Of course I can buy a static public IP from my internet provider but my goal is to have cheapest as possible website. Gamers and owners of IP cameras very often using this. A good news is that OpenWrt already have a package ddns-scripts witch supports a lot of servers. The NO-IP.

OpenWrt TP-Link 741ND 841ND 1043ND by punk17

In the same time DuckDNS looks like was made by programmers for programmers. It allows to quickly register with Google account then they give you a generated random token instead of password and they have a good documentation.

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So openwrt bitcoin API is so simple that I even was wondered why it was created the ddns-scripts package. In fact, all what you need to do is to register on DuckDNS and receive your token i.

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For example for my domain stokito. Login and edit crontab: ssh root Also note that I enabled the cron service just to be sure. See OpenWrt cron documentation for details.

So please take some another minute too. See "Last time changed" field.

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Then your router will be accessible with the new domain. DNS supports this and what I need to do is to add to my domain stokito.

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But DNS spec allows this only for subdomains. I can map blog. Not sure why but most domain registrants follow the rule.

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I added a subdomain record router. Thus the router. The root domain stokito.

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Now you can check that root domain stokito. When eth1 i.

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So we have to update our DDNS. We can add a hook on iface up and send the update. So we should trigger the same command that we put into cron.

Just to avoid conflicts.

To restart uhttpd openwrt bitcoin external IP was changed you can add the hotplug script:! We set 30 seconds delay to be sure that dns record openwrt bitcoin updated.

At this moment internet goes down. See eth1 details to be sure that there is no external IP. Check that utthpd process is restarted after 5 seconds.

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Here for example you might note that I changed homepage realm name to homepage1. Also if we detected IP change then we can start uhttpd with the new IP. For example we can update it with uci. But this solution is much simpler so I decided to keep it.