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    Focus on essential details and strategy building while cryptocurrency robots are taking care of technical aspects. Let the robots do your job and take care of the execution of your crypto trading automation strategy. On top of that, if you scroll further down the dashboard screen you will see several cards that show important information about the state of your account.

    crypto trading automation bitcoin bányászati ​​hálózat

    The very first card is composed of two charts that illustrate your daily profit dynamics and balance dynamics over one-week or as long as one-year timeframes. That basically means that you instantly get visuals of your profits over different time periods, which is very handy on the go.

    In addition to that, other cards show your access points, or, in other words, at what price your cryptocurrency bots entered different exchanges.

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    The information on each bot card includes data on crypto trading automation amount of your investment, the number of extra orders, as well as your take-profit target and first-order volume. Suddenly, cryptocurrency bots get very easy to manage when you can get all the information needed and action buttons with just one click.

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    Just link your cryptocurrency exchange to the trading bot and proceed to the screen with all the settings needed. You will have a chance to choose a trading strategy, a trading pair and add other important tools. For example, the same with the web version, while setting up a new crypto bot from your phone, you can add the Bollinger Bands indicator.

    This indicator sends a signal to the robot when the current price of your coin hits the top or bottom band. Állítson be egy kriptobotot, és takarítson meg időt azáltal, hogy automatizálja a kripto-kereskedelem rutinját a Bitcoin indiai rúpiák ma segítségével.

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    Csatlakoztassa a TradeSanta automata kriptokereskedelmi platformját a tőzsdéhez, és kezelje robotjait közvetlenül az okostelefonról. Télapó botok végrehajtják a felhasználó által megadott algoritmusokat, és új megrendeléseket adnak a nap 24 órájában.

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    Válasszon egy kereskedőpárt, testreszabhatja a botok beállításait, így soha nem fog hiányozni a kereskedelemről.