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    If Bitcoin performed positively within the given time span, it is colored in green. Otherwise it is colored in red.

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    Further intervals allow you to examine the price action more closely. The displayed price for an interval is the average price of all exchanges for that moment.

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    Its relative change compared to the price 24 hours ago gives you an understanding of the trend and volatility of the market. For this purpose, we continuously calculate all the prices and calculate the relation to each other.

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    It is important for us to emphasize that the prices are obtained directly and unaltered by the exchanges! That means, our exchange rates are not manipulated yes, we're hinting at 'Coinmarketcap'.

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    You can use these recommendations strong sell, sell, neutral, buy, strong buy to support your buy, sell or HODL decisions. With our free crypto apps you're well equipped to make the right buying or selling decision of Bitcoin and Altcoins!

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    A Bitcoin Monitor vizualizálja a kriptográfia árfolyamait a tőzsdéken, lehetővé téve a legolcsóbb ár feltérképezését a keresett kriptovalutában. Ha kereskedésbe kezd, használja tisztán mesterséges intelligencia által vezérelt kereskedelmi jelzéseinket, amelyek naprakész kereskedési ajánlásokat nyújtanak Önnek.

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    Ezeket az ajánlásokat felhasználhatja vételi, eladási bitfinex btc usd market HODL-döntéseinek támogatására.